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Theory of Mind A key factor in social interaction is our beliefs about others, a theory of mind. This project works on modeling theory of mind processes and providing autonomous social agents with this capacity.

Active Analysis and Crowd Sourced Approaches to Social Training This project aims at creating a social training framework using Stanislavsky’s Active Analysis (a rehearsal technique) and crowd powered interactive narratives.

Virtual Human Embodiment The Virtual Human Embodiment project computationally models the relation between mind and body. One outcome of this research is Cerebella, a framework for automated generation of virtual human.

Decision-making, emotion and stress In this work, we propose a generative model of human decision making during emotionally stressful, potentially life threatening events, such as hurricanes.

Cerebella Cerebella automates the generation of physical behaviors for virtual humans, including nonverbal behaviors accompanying the virtual human's dialog and responses to perceptual events as well as listening.

Interactive Pedagogical Dramas Interactive Pedagogical Dramas are compelling interactive stories that have didactic purpose. Autonomous agents realize the characters in the drama, which unfolds based on user interaction.